The 17 year old student who sacrificed his life for his classmate on the South Korean ferry accident yesterday by giving up his life jacket . He was the president of the high school that was heading on a four day trip to Jeju Island. Today is his birthday. Why do things have to happen like this. Happy birthday and RIP, angel. #jungchawoong #정찰웅 #tooyoung #toosudden #rip

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minute and minute shouldn’t be spelled the same

im not content with this content

i object to that object

I need to read what I read again

Excuse me but there’s no excuse for this

Someone should wind this post up and throw it in the wind

i hope you dont mind but you just fucked with my mind

fuck all of you

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The reason I decided to make this video is because the overwhelming amount of anti-blackness in kpop that has been either ignored or excused, in the last two years, is unbelievably great.

No matter how much has happened, people still refuse to even acknowledge how big of a problem it is. You have to think to yourself, why is this only happening with black people and black culture? How is no other race being as blatantly used or disrespected in kpop? Anti-blackness is no accident. It’s a worldwide disease.

The perspective I have as a black kpop fan feels very odd. At some points, I feel proud because I realize many idols’ favorites are black people but most times I feel confused, because even though this is true we are still not truly respected. Not by idols and not by most kpop fans that don’t put defending us on their priority lists, regardless if we’re “one big kpop family” and “all in this together.”

The fact that most of us fans have to constantly shift between liking this genre and wanting are humanity respected isn’t fair. And you might say, if you’re just going to complain and be negative then why don’t you stop listening to kpop? And to that I’ll respond with, how is pointing out racism “complaining”. Complaining is maybe talking about how I don’t like a song, complaining isn’t talking about how I don’t like pieces of my culture being bastardized. And how is pointing out racism negative? When racism itself is the actual negative?

The point is, this cycle of silencing black kpop fans is horrendous. If we counted every anti-black thing that has happened in kpop, there would be well over a hundred incidents probably.

This isn’t about packing up and “leaving” kpop (but if you want to, I wouldn’t be surprised or judge you for it). It’s about making sure everyone sees and hears what we see and hear.

I realize that for some black kpop fans, they’d still rather not think of these things because kpop is their escape from life or other troubles. Do your thing, that’s fine, whatever. But when you see other bkfs speaking out, don’t try to silence them because they’re doing their own thing too and it’s their choice. We all have the choice to either speak up or stay silent but no matter which option you choose, it looks like kpop has already chosen it’s own option and that option is to continue being racist.

So here’s a simple compilation of racist or just very questionable events I wish there were answers for.

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a pitiful novel written by Me

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me as a teacher





You guys remember when Jimin had a dick slip?

What!?!?!!!! Lol links or it never happened towards the end…

Indeed that dick slipped lol

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predebut hakyeon
(cr: TaekN)
the ending omg

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Rabin in perfect synchro (`∀´)Ψ 
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